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Reviews for "Icy Slicy"

very nice

That's a very nice concept you have there
a very nice game with nice graphics and all
I loved it

Unique puzzle game - rocks!

Very imaginative little game here, excellent graphics and presentation, good skills!


Hey, pretty good game u got there.

Nice little distraction...

This game was pretty engaging, given the brief amount of time it lasted...

Suggestion: Longer times, penalties for cutting off parts of items

Glitch: Occasionally, the entire ice block would teleport to the upper left corner of the screen, making it much more difficult to cut at the ice.

artificialgames responds:

Hi DishonestAbe,

Yes its a known bug, im going to try to work on it tonight and resolve it, its a problem releated to my polygon decomposition failing.

Cheers for the score :)

Pretty Good

Good effort put into this though the game was too short and got boring after a few rounds, overall I say it was an ok game although theres still alot of potential in this.

artificialgames responds:

Cheers for the comments phychomac, the game is intentionally a short burst of fun with some nice graphics. If yo want a longer game stay tuned for my next game ;)