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Reviews for "MetalSlug: BattleCreator2"


fun really cool i made a great scene thanks for a fun battle creator!!!

munch-monster responds:

Thanks for reviewing.

I love metal slug

I got metal slug anthology 4 ps2 and its all i ever ply now. And this game puts no shame to its name. (that wasnt supposed 2 rime)

munch-monster responds:

I have that to, great game

Cool but..

...it needs a new soldier-type: The Special Forces(the SWAT-like soldiers) from the ptolmaic Army.

munch-monster responds:

I agree


metal slug 2 game in 2d

munch-monster responds:

Well it could exactly be in 3D even if I wanted it to xD


heh i gave it a 4 cuz i would like more maps, bigger screen for more ppl and we need to get to have more than one sheet to work on. this rocks and it has nice music, loved everything and its a great imrovement. I like how many more ppl u can shoose to put in ur battle now. Its awesome and i made 2 battles: a huge war with green and blue and a zombie infection where green AND blue although thats not right at all XD battle them 9/10 and its totally pwnsome!

munch-monster responds:

Thanks for the constructive review! As I said There won't be another until a long time, but thanks for the helpful Ideas anyway! Also don't forget to reccomend for the MS collection!