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Reviews for "MetalSlug: BattleCreator2"


if u read my review on the guy who had the awesome music, u would know why i loved it, but dude,FLIPPING CHARECTERS, FRIKKIN AWESOME,URE TOTTALLY GETTIN RECCOMENDED,AND URE TOTTALY GETTING A 5. thank you, ure the first guy who finnaly gets it.but its still missing my favorite music, but that doesn't matter, its just awesome

munch-monster responds:

Wowza! You've my day, friend... It was all worth it for that one person to enjoy it so much. Now if only others would just put my score up. Its gone down since yesterday you know :(.

I love metal slug

I got metal slug anthology 4 ps2 and its all i ever ply now. And this game puts no shame to its name. (that wasnt supposed 2 rime)

munch-monster responds:

I have that to, great game

Very good!

Make part 3!!

munch-monster responds:

Sometime in the future it will be possible. Thanks for reviewing.


I think you make the GREAT GAMES EVER!!!

munch-monster responds:

I think you make awesome reviews xD

jogo bom demais o jogo permite várias funções como mapa,soldados,veiculos,zumbis.