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Reviews for "MetalSlug: BattleCreator2"


if u read my review on the guy who had the awesome music, u would know why i loved it, but dude,FLIPPING CHARECTERS, FRIKKIN AWESOME,URE TOTTALLY GETTIN RECCOMENDED,AND URE TOTTALY GETTING A 5. thank you, ure the first guy who finnaly gets it.but its still missing my favorite music, but that doesn't matter, its just awesome

munch-monster responds:

Wowza! You've my day, friend... It was all worth it for that one person to enjoy it so much. Now if only others would just put my score up. Its gone down since yesterday you know :(.

Not bad.

Could be better, It wouild be awesome if you could sinc up the animations so the zombies can attack the guys, and the guys can attack each other, instead of just firing in there general direction AFTER they fall down dead.

munch-monster responds:

That would take a long time, and granted it would look cool. Again there isnt going to be a third.


Loved it. The music just stops dead though..

One question.. Where did you get the sprites from?

munch-monster responds:

Http://www.mslugdb.com/en knock yourself out, friend!

That's cool

Hahaha. That's cool

munch-monster responds:

Great, glad you enjoyed it


You did it! You added Marco, soldiers dying, and zombies!
Only problem is that the music just stops. You need to make it loop, so that you got action music for your scene.
Either way, you still did a good job!
4/5 and 9/10.


munch-monster responds:

Thanks for the continued support, ninjakoopa! The original plan was for there to be three music tracks side by side but the 10mb limit wouldnt permit.