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Reviews for "MetalSlug: BattleCreator2"

omg nice

man i cant seem to make any metal slug creator how do you do it

munch-monster responds:

Ooo tough question matey!
Actually its quite easy, I use a quick drag and drop AS2 code and add little fiddly bits to it =D

good but....

good but my problem was that the maxumim to to drag each unit is only 2 times

munch-monster responds:

Fair point. Someone sent me the actionscipt on how to make it infinate but It wasnt till after I submitted it.

yo this is kool

this is kool but where do u get these sprites

munch-monster responds:

It says in the Auhor Comments. www.mslugdb.com


heh i gave it a 4 cuz i would like more maps, bigger screen for more ppl and we need to get to have more than one sheet to work on. this rocks and it has nice music, loved everything and its a great imrovement. I like how many more ppl u can shoose to put in ur battle now. Its awesome and i made 2 battles: a huge war with green and blue and a zombie infection where green AND blue although thats not right at all XD battle them 9/10 and its totally pwnsome!

munch-monster responds:

Thanks for the constructive review! As I said There won't be another until a long time, but thanks for the helpful Ideas anyway! Also don't forget to reccomend for the MS collection!

very entertaining! nice job

i loved it. faved,fived,and awesome, make a three with a RESET button so people dont get lazy and close and open the program. and make more then two copies...please. lol more peoples!!!!!

nice flash

munch-monster responds:

Good to see you liked it somedude. There probably isnt going to be a three as I'm too busy with my Metal Slug movies. Its great however this is still getting views! Also reccomend for collection if you like it. Thanks for the support!