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Reviews for "Office Humour"

Pretty funny

Humor was good...audio could have been better but keep it up!

nice work

great job


simply great

Limited Appeal

Concept: 7/10
I've never seen office jokes before, so kudos for that. The jokes seem pretty old to me, and they're barely funny.

Graphics: 5/10
Pretty simple, could be better, people look like generic stick figures.

Sound: 2/10
No music, no voices, just a system doing the voice for you. Only reason you got a 2 was that it added to the humor.

Entertainment: 8/10
Jokes weren't bad. Sorry, but they're not good either.

Overall: 5.5

Very Funny

The drawings could have been a little better but overall, it was pretty funny. I also liked the voice. It adds a lot to the comedy.