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Reviews for "Find Jonny, hentai pics"

jhonny sounded like he was under 12.

so how old are you? if its your voice lol.
anyway pics sucked, too easy , pluss you could cheat if you wanted too.

not bad

an interesting variant on the where's waldo concept. The hentai was mediocre, although the 3d stuff was a lot more interesting than the more pixelated ones with tentacles and stuff. What people see in tentacles I'll never understand. I liked the tentacle thing the first time I saw it, in Evil Dead.

where's waldo?

it's jsut that... an adult version of "where's waldo?"

worst hentai ever

tab = win
right click then forward = win
the song was terrible
the pictures were small and very poor quality
the beginning menu and the you win screen as well as jonny look like they were all made in paint... by a 5 year old and the rest isnt even yours
the game itself is extremely short


Not even close to good hentai. And I gotta agree with the other reviewers, since you didn't draw any of them I can't give you even a decent score. Sorry.