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Reviews for "OMG.swf collab"

just plain bad

It was just plain bad. No way it took a year as they claimed. I could halfway see that it may have at some point had an actual point but that went away a long time ago.



this didnt take a year to make they just say that for laughs and giggles

Good Point...

How the hell did this take 1 whole year to make???

Took More then ONE year to finish?

I cannot see how you could have spent THAT much time on THIS.
Animation was terrible. Needs OWN images instead of google supplied pics.
The audio almost made my ears bleed.
And there was nothing humorous or entertaining about it. And I laugh at the most random things.

Sorry but this is just plain Bad.


the graphics at the beginning rock! but for the movie, they weren't good. but still, great job!
P.S. this doesn't have any Excessive Violence