Reviews for "Lackluster desert"

great video and good idea on the audio

You got potential kid

Very Trippy.

Taloso responds:

Thanks, that's nice to know :). Basically I'm doing this to run a test if I have enough skill to buy the real program instead of trial, It's alot of money for me after all.

I appreciate the seven, although maybe undeserved :D

Hint Hint

it might be saved in FAT32 format but your computer probly runs in NTFS if it is a model later then 1998 that might help a lil

Taloso responds:

Sorry, abit of a twat with computers. No idea what you just said.
Thanks for watching in any case :).

My Song

LOL Thats My Song
(Better fix your vid man)
Although the graphics I saw were god there wasn't enough functioning to give it a high rating.

really need more work.

it was basically a REALLY slow moving landscape, with a sun that disappeared and reappeared. The music was okay, but after awhile you know it's a loop, then it just sort of got annoying. Well the art was okay but you just didn't do much with it.

Taloso responds:

I'm not sure if you watched it through. It's understandable if you didn't though. Not that what happened other than the landscape for much more interesting. But meh.
Thanks for watching though. :)