Reviews for "Ace Mace Action Pack"

I want the party bear

Excellent,..is it mail order only or can i buy it at Target.

*Mace not included...

Buy the Ace Mace action pack today!

Nice idea... Buuuuuuuut.... I don't get that bloby monster thing...

Good job, hope to see some more submisions from you,

Haroshi responds:

Heh, I warned you that is was pretty surreal in places. ;p

But I just thought it would be funny to have someone who doesn't answer, but does something strange instead.

It turns out I used an obese mutant in the end.


I tell you what I'm going to do! yeah! I'm going to call and buy me one today!


im giving 9/10 because it needed 1 thing for 10

a scene with a buyer where every single item from the pack is being a part of a chaotic event in his livingroom smashing everything up in a comic way. that would have ben priceless. anyways it was nice 5/5

Haroshi responds:

That would of been a good idea, but I guess I had to stop somewhere when deciding on how many interviews to have.


I loved how the AK-47 had a grenade launcher and the russian subtitles actully said things in english if you look closely.

Haroshi responds:

I was thinking of changing the font to something easier to read, but the font I used (nyet) seems to fit the scene perfectly.

Thanks for the review.