Reviews for "Ace Mace Action Pack"

Good animation ,bad voice overs

I like the theme and the jokes but the poor voice acting lost you 3 stars.I also didn't like the unreadable writing at the russian guy.Next time try to find someone that can speak Russian(or something very similar),or take something from another video.


That voice acting made it unbearable. it makes you lose interest way too fast. the jokes would have been actually worth it. i agree with one of the previous reviews though ... it needed more enthusiasm. i'll give you one for trying and the other for that pixel ... gotta have that pixel.


Not too shabby, just horrible voice acting - really kills the humour. Needs to be more enthusiastic like those guys on shopping channels.

Haroshi responds:

I tried to go for for an enthusiastic american accent, but it's pretty hard to do for an english guy like me. :(

not bad

not bad


1: the "russian soldier's" language is not russian.
2: animation suck
3: boring and stupid
ty 4 posting junk on NG...
btw ppl seem to like it... it's not my kind of humor maybe... so I wont vote cuz my vote will be 1 or 2...