Reviews for "Lost Dreams"

Not very good.

I didn't like this very much, you should really take your time with the art, it was terrible. The animation was choppy, smooth it out a bit. The music was well picked, but stick figures and bad animation ruined it.

Try harder next time on the art and animation. For example, the fire was two frames. I'd suggest going more in depth on that. And just a little opinion here, don't get too caught up in stick figures. If you really want to get quite good, practice with sticks, but try full bodies. It's much more challenging, but more rewarding.

In this case, work harder on the art and animation, 3/10


so awesome!

i hope he found his way! it was sad................... great flash!

I liked it

For a stick figure animation this was very well done. Generally stick figure cartoons are about fighting, skateboarding, or really choppy animations with irritating music so this was a refreshingly unique flash. Great job on it, I suggest you practice more and keep making more flash!

Dark-Ninja9 responds:

glad you liked it^^

Kinda Sad

You're character seemed sad throughout the flash :-(. Not bad job on the flash... music fit your message rather well... keep working on your animation though.


wow! this was really cool to watch, I hope you make more movies like this!