Reviews for "Lost Dreams"


it was sad ):
but it was good is a sad way :D


Well, honestly, that had zilch meaning to it. Just some guy crying over a dead fire and following some random arrow sign. It's not "deep" or anything. Art was passable, given it's a stick and not even well animated. The smoke and the shadow were a nice touch, but the falling rain really needs work (obviously rain doesn't fall like that). Music, wasn't a bad choice, but its quality seemed to dominate the flash (given the substandard animation). Not a bad job, but still a long ways to go.

bit empty but nice

Pretty good animation, liked details like the smoke but did feel that it had places to go.. that it didn't


not bad

i thought it was kinda nice. it was interesting. I base my point system on something new. points 1-5 and based on animation and how good the sound effects and other crap is. 6-10 are based on story line. this gets a 2/5 on animation, manely because it was a little rusty. story line gets a 2/5 as well. but this was better then a 4 so i gave it a 1 point leeway. this was not to bad. this is god, out.


This was pretty good man, I really enjoyed watching it. You should give yourself a pat on the back. I might have added feet and hands to the stick though.

Great job!