Reviews for "Lost Dreams"

Extremely Good

A lot of people say you are missing things in the plot, but i disagree.
I think its excellent that through your rather open story, you allow us to interpret it how we want to, to look inside ourselves.
If theres anything to be improved on, it might be slightly better background graphics. Oh, and the transition from the stickfigure shivering on the ground to the morning wasn't done too well in my opinion.

The choice of music couldn't have been better. Overall an excellent piece.

Loved it ^_^

Most adorable stick movie that I have ever seen, I just wish it was longer ya know, but at least it was adorable.

Good work

Nice color choices. I enjoyed the general mood of your animation. Overall I think you did a good job. Keep it up.

That Was Nice......

I liked it but like what (a few) people said it was lacking something so I was thinking that you should make a second one explaining everything like his/her lost dreams and how he/she got where he/she are because I got kind of lost but anyway I think it was okay so 9/10 and 4/5 k dude :l .... :) .... :D

sounds nice but ...

can you realy call that an ending? it's definitely missing something.