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Reviews for "In the Eye"

Story of a crapping bird and a dude that goes nuts

A bird takes a dump, the crap falls on a colorless guy's eye, and he goes bananas over it running around and screaming. Not much of a storyline there, sir. Other than that, nice animation, but it doesn't cut it. Was that IT? Rather minimalist, perhaps. Or maybe I'm not in tune with it?

not alot to say

The animation was good but... there was just so little to get into. I'd guess the intention was for it to be short, but next time make an actual neato story and I'm sure it'll be far more enjoyable.

nothing special

there was nothing really to entertain. it was actually quite boring. it needs some sort of storyline in my opinion. its a good start but it needs something added to it. if you even extended the story a bit beyond what happened there it would be worth watching.

srry nope

the guy had no color and no clothes, the sky wasn't there, and you didn't even get to see the big poo that hit him next.