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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao Cityplaza"

get some new material!

xiaoxiao and stick movies in general are tired and old.

call it a hunch

I hve a feeling that Zhu had nothing to do with this or whe would have uploaded it himself. You probably just want a little glory, so you stole an idea and lied about giving Zhu credit so people would leave you alone. Open your eyes to the truth people.


It seems like you are going out of buisness or somthing what happend to the rest of Xiao Xioa make MORE! Everyone loves Xiao Xiao, he is are favourite stick figure, I bet you some low life scums look up to this guy. make more man you did a good job on this one but I'am giving you a zero for stopping............


i liked the movie but it does look like xiao xiao no.3 exepp it is a mall