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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao Cityplaza"

get some new material!

xiaoxiao and stick movies in general are tired and old.


Everyone knows it ain't yours!Flash animators gotta stop stealin ppl's flash.

cant think of something on your own, huh?

We've already seen XiaoXiao3. We don't need you to go to a crappy version of it. Seriously, you did the same crap over an over again, and not ONE PEICE OF IT WAS ORIGINAL! Ooh, let's put them in a mall, that'll be cool! NO!

I'm srry, its just work that copies other work gets me really pissed. Plus it's all slow and crappy. Get a different hobbie.

another xiao xiao movie was...

playing in the background on the tv. Its was like 3 or 4 during the boss fight

uh.. no

U made a different version of xiao xiao 3.... you should not have done that.