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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao Cityplaza"

The previous guy thought...

that this was unoriginal but still excellent, and deserving of an 8.

I personally like to see something new in my Flash, so for me, this wasn't that great.

Yeah. It's basically a spoof of Xiao Xiao 3. For this very reason, Xiao Xiao lovers will, well, love it.

However, I don't really call myself a Xiao Xiao lover.

And I definitely don't love this.

Not enough plot.


wasnt that good...xx3 was better anyway...

You no do good.

Oh my god. There are few reasons why I didn't like this:

1) No preloader. On a slow computer it's really jumpy the first time and then it goes smoothe.

2) Xiao Xiao is red! How could you? It has always been that he is black. Why the stupid change?

3) Too much like 3. I suppose that an advert would be like XX to appeal to people,but up till now no Xiao Xiao has been like another Xiao Xiao.

Hurry up and make 10!


it could be better like hes a pussy, pussys kick and thats all he does kick

I didn't like it.

It was just a copy of Xiao Xiao no.3. And it was too short. It also has a strange rating, cuz' it doesn't have execessive violence.