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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao Cityplaza"


Keep it up!

make video games

how i can make videogames and animations???


The animation is smooth and very fast, so I liked it, but with a few complaints. The more original fighting moves seemed to go by so quickly and there was no emphasis on them. Also, when he picked up the speaker he put it back in the exact same spot and inhumanly fast. That part was unrealistic. Last complaint is how overdone the last kick is.

Other than that it was good, and the graphics were pretty snazzy for this one.

Pretty good!

Overall, (even though the animation was short), it was good. Your hard work paid off, and I think most people like it. The fast action was nicely animated, and I always love the 360 jump front kick ending xD

You have bad taste. Tell me, can you even make an okay animation?
Sorry if that hurts you.
Well, you did hurt the animator.
Also, stop acting like one of those noobs.
And read the message below the text box (after you click on review, look under the "Characters Remaining"). You might be banned.


I love it man Oh and srry for you pie i think you dont like it because you only love pies hahahahha dont even bother pm me or i will kill you im serious.(oh love this xiao xiao fights man make more Zhu)