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Reviews for "Xiao Xiao Cityplaza"


That the last episode in the Xiao Xiao series should be relegated to being an advertisement for a shopping mall is strange, and kinda sad.

A series that had such promise, and often delivered on its fantastic fighting set pieces being reduced to what is basically a rehash of Xiao Xiao 3 in a shopping centre. Don't get me wrong, the animation here is impressive as always, with the fight scenes being quite well choreographed and some good 3D effects at the end.

But this is overall one of the weaker entries in the series and the fact that it is the last of the series, still not resolving the story of two earlier Xiao Xiao movies is very disappointing. A shame really

How odd

I found it strange that you actually went out and made an ad. Somehow, an ad that depicts people getting beat up does not seem like it would be appealing. I still have to praise you for having the same good fast pacedness that made all your other cartoons so enjoyable. It did bother me how it existed as an infinite loop. I don't understand how that happened, because you apparently know how to give it an end. The detail was pretty good, especially with the dolls.

It might not have been anything that was too original for the series, but still fine. This is one where the sound effects do all the talking. It makes me sad that it has literally been years since your last submission. At least we were able to enjoy your creativity while we had the chance. I like how the guy waves at the end.


but its very similar to Xiao Xiao 3 :-)

Its good but..

why is xiaoxiao being beaten?