Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"


I think that this game was really well-made and fun. It would be cool to add some different difficulty levels, and even more play levels (once I finished it, I was disappointed that I couldn't keep going!) but I have to say that a few of these levels gave me quite a tough time! This was a very good puzzle game and an excellent way to pass my time while I'm suppose to be working.

well i think this game is for 0-5 year olds

:l 0-5year olds borin game i hate it

It was cool

It was okay very nice game but i didnt like it cause the screens to big


it got me interested for the first 10 minutes then it got too slow and boring.Its a game ment more for childrenat the age of 6-11.The controls werent really thought through.z for jump really screwed me up.o well all these other great games on newgrounds,why just breath over this one.

i found a glitch

i found out a glitch its after u get all 4 guys in the place u have 3 switchs and a rock if u keep a guy on the bottom left switch and move the rock on the switch with him push the rock and the guy all the way to the wall and then switch to the guy on the bottom left switch and u will fall off the screen and u dont die but u cant finish the leave ether so u have to restart and when i minimized the screen i saw the guy on my wall paper... its very weird.... and btw this game is way to easy and it got very boreing and to the other plays here dont let a rock fall on ur guys head u die.....