Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"

Really good

But it's a little bit glitched, I can't pass level one 'cause I reach the cave to go on to the next level (with the two characters of course) and I can't go on to the next level, I put restart but nothings happens, I think thar is because if you put Load File and you haven't saved any file, it glitches

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Sorry to say the load game with no game file has nothing to do with it :P

Make sure you're using the duck mechanic, try reading over the in game help file, and if you have problems anymore tell me.

thanks for the review

It's okay.

The puzzles aren't difficult.

The movement needs to be fixed. Mostly just jumping, it's not as responsive as I want.
I had problems with fan jumping, not as responsive as it could be.
When you find the 4th guy, took me a couple of tries because when I tried to jump across the hole to the other button I'd fall down through it and I had to restart the level.
Level 18. Top left corner, jumping onto the ledge with the ladder. I wasn't able to jump up there. I stopped the game there. Is there another path? I think your jumping mechanics needs work.

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Fan jumping was a concept that came to me after playing around in the level editor, and it wasn't meant to be put in the game in the first place. I wanted to add some more platforming to the game.

And I understand jumping not being responsive, sometimes, when standing on a button, you can't jump. It wasn't that noticable to me, and it only happened like 10% of the time so I didn't bother to mess with the button code, but I probably should've based on your review.

I also fixed level 18, continue on with the game and drop me a pm if you have any more problems.

cool concept

I like the concept of working in pairs, but when it gets to three people it got a bit of annoying having to switch between all three and I stopped playing. Otherwise cool and original

Skeik-Sprite responds:

A lot of people talk about the difficulty in switching characters, so I put it in so you could use 1 2 3 or 4 to switch people, plus some people hate sticky keys.

This game is my friend...

It was a very good game with great actionscript. I remember playing the beta and found out that pressing control let you skipped the levels accidentally, but i guess the error continued and you couldn't solve it, so you replaced it with a failure screen. Trust me, there are smart people in the newgrounds community who'd be glad to help.

Sound was nice, including good editing in Garageband. Voice acting was okay, it seemed that some voice actors in the beginning had trouble reading their parts, but still nice. The one thing that also got me was controls, it would've probably been easier to jump using the up arrow key, as sometimes i was confused because i could duck using down and felt cramped. But overall, it was a fun unique platform game =)

Skeik-Sprite responds:

About the first part, Control is the restart button, so when you mess up a level so bad you can't fix it , you hit control and restart :P While beta testing, it was used to skip levels for easy access to newer levels that needed testing.


kind of complicated it gets harder i guess... but kind of fun yup

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Yeah, the difficulty steps up around level 15