Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"

a few serious flaws on an otherwise great concept.

i liked the logic/puzzle element of the game a lot, however i thought that most of the real challenges arose from jumping controls and lack of key responses. Of particular note was level 27, which i gave about 300 tries before finally closing the game. that's just not what a game like this should be about. besides that, i guess i kill like, 2500 seconds playing this game, which is definitely saying something. good job.

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Thanks, it really changes my idea on game design when I find out that people are actually spending time on the game :)

Like, all through the development I thought only a handful of people would be patient enough to get anywhere near the higher levels, and it's nice to know a lot of people did.

I understand what you're talking about with the platforming problems, and this game would greatly benefit from better level design.

Thanks alot of the review :D

great game

But you coudlnt make any other button the switch char button? i activated sticky keys by pressing shift like 20 times

Skeik-Sprite responds:

1-4 changes the characters, I put that in there cause people like yourself had trouble with the shift button :)

Maybe I should've put a voice acting line in with the ability to switch using 1234. I thought the numbers on the faces would be sign enough, but I guess I was wrong.

Thanks a lot for the review.


Great idea and well pulled off.2 problems though.
1.Characters are too slow.
2.It should be up or something to jump.

But im not being mean,just some ideas to take into consideration:)
Great game

Skeik-Sprite responds:

I know, I can take some criticism.

I thought I increased the speed of characters enough from BFF2, the beta testers I got stop talking about it when I increased the frame rate a little, but I guess it wasn't enough.

I'm still trying to think of something to do with the jump button, thanks for bringing it up and for the review

good but

there are a LOT of glitches. Jumping and switching sometimes makes your character fly up, falling down pits doesn't end the game, characters pushing two buttons at once, buttons that don't do anything whatsoever, characters falling off of levels, ffs level 20 and 21 are EXACTLY the same, the thing said there was only 19 levels yet there is almost double, all saving after level 12 doesn't work AT ALL, and there's a lot more. You didn't test it did you? The first one was great. This one not so much. Make those fixes and you've got an awesmoe game.

Skeik-Sprite responds:

I did test it, and I'm not sure why saving isn't working for you, and I would like to know where it says there were only 19 levels.

Characters should be able to push two buttons at once if they're next to each other and the buttons that don't do anything are buttons that require two buttons to be pressed before something happens.

I'm sorry I didn't make things more clear in the game, I'll keep it in mind with future projects, and I'm going to look into that saving issue right now.

a little chalangeing

the levels are boreing but chalangeing non the less

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Sorry you didn't like it :(