Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"


i thot the controls were hard to use. and i didnt really like the concept. but thats just my opinion. the graphics are really cool tho!

Using your Brain

This game is very good, yet boring after 5 minutes, as it requires to use only 5% of your brain to think about where your going to go and how to do it etc. all in all
a good game


Well done
i liked the gamplay very much, super fun
lol st91 is right the helmet really do look like peniuses
overall this game preety darn fun

its okay

i like... kinda all i do not like is they should a more stuff and more then jumping

I gotta say...

It got real repetitive after a while and i quit after the level where you get Al.
If you can stand through this, you deserve a medal. Not saying its bad or anything its just really tedious like the guy below said