Reviews for "Jim And His Computer"


Really funny man, loved the drawing style as well as the animation was really smooth, keep up the good work, overall 10.

really cool

that was cool. your a great aniamtor. id llove to see more of these. make a little more humor and make it a little longer.


You'd like to do naughty things to Jenny...FNSDPBNSOGBOBNGEGNEGOISSD"SDJ KG":SDJG"KDJSGDK". Replay. Rofl.


That is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile, dude. I have a question, though: I am working on a project, and, well...could you do a shred of VA for me? It's not much (just a few lines), because all the major stuff is done, but I can't do it myself because of my horrible excuse for a mic. PM me if interested.

TripleJx3 responds:

Oh hey sorry for the long response time I've been busy and it might help if NG was like DA and actually told you if you had messages. Yeah ill give it a shot, just tell me how you want it to sound and ill do my best

Face poisoning

Face poisoning is the wost type of poisoning out there. in secondplace is big toe Poisoning.