Reviews for "Edible Castle #9"

Damn you wizard

That damn wizard better return it or so god help me...



just read it

you are stalling for episode 10 so you can have more time to make but when i finally comes it is going to be really crappy

EdibleCastle responds:

wow, talk about split personality... and all in 1 review


At the authors comments, wow, the person who won is definantly happy! all of them contributed? Wow! Nice! Again, I can't say much for the flash apart from I liked it, watch it!!!

Onto the last one!

William Shakespeare Eat Your Heart Out

The artwork and animation are superb. The voice acting and sound are masterful. The story is not really all around basic plots... this plot is actually something more original, but not completely. The people of Edible Castle decide to put on a play, however it goes totally wrong, but nothing is recovered at the end. I did love the ending... I was laughing my ass off. Overall this episode was good and it's funny how episode 10 was stolen.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Voice
*Masterful Story
*Perfect Score

|| Bad Points ||