Reviews for "Edible Castle #9"


its not the best thing ive seen on newgrounds but its funny and i hope there is more than just stopping at 10 eps.not bad
PS:plz vote my review as good as am knew and i dont know how 2 make flash so plz help me get a decent rep thks O(
U )


The little news article at the end was really unique. haha
Loving this series.


At the authors comments, wow, the person who won is definantly happy! all of them contributed? Wow! Nice! Again, I can't say much for the flash apart from I liked it, watch it!!!

Onto the last one!


Great! Actually, since these are so short, you could cram these all in to one Flash, excluding the 5 MB episode 10. Episodes 1-9 would only be 9.2 MB, and since you reuse the same graphics for all the episodes, and would only need one title entrance, the size would even be a little less, like 8-9 MB! The only drawback is that you couldn't get as many awards. But if I were you, I would submit a combination of 1-9 so people didn't have to individually view the other 9.

Its alright.

I didn't like it as much as the others.