Reviews for "Edible Castle #9"

An ode to boring.

ok now I am a big fan of flash just like all of you. I have seen many flash cartoons and unlike alot of people i have a wide range of taste for all sorts of culture in this world. Comedy, seriouse, not seriouse but not funny, sad, happy, and odd. But this.... edible castle episode, in my opinion of course, is too boring. A dull knife, no edge. This has the potential to be so much more. I hope to see better episodes but for know im gonna have to leave it with the rating of "Bombed"

the mild eroticism of the hairy irish man?

is that a clue or what?


I cant get the song out of meh head, " its got fethers that...."

ahaahah nice

i laugh like minute ;D

These cartoons are great

They really are,funny and well animated with good sound.Of course,I wouldn't have watched without that front page post by Tom.

I bet if you told the wizard he was good at magic he'd give you back the episode.