Reviews for "Edible Castle #9"

great series

"you big fat ugly moon idtiot!
take that back!
ill take your mom back, back on to me peni...!"
haha that was hilarious :P
i watched that more than once
too bad its the last one :[


And they remain excellent as I return!
The Edible Castle will never lose it's flavour!
nice work, nice wor-
After that Wizard!

Needed to be a bit longer

. . . . because that was funny loved it got most of it down justed needed more jokes, but it was good!!!

this is great :D

there's like nothing more to say then LOL
THOSE VOICES xD it was really funny,and i can't wait till part ten :D
keep up the good work guys ;)

As always, a great job!

I love the edible castle series. Too bad the tenth is mising.