Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"


Omg......THAT was funny....this is the sort of class stuff that SHOULD be submitted here. And beating a Jehovahs Witness shitless :) :) :)

i love these and sense everyone watches

i'm goin to say this again make a gta parody!!!!!!!! thats the best catagory ever it


I dont mind the beating on that guy. im christian, yes, but it is funny, and it is a way that he gets closer to god. wish that had been a mormon though. DAMN, I think that is funny

's pretty good =]

Liked it a whole bunch.

- To the Jehova's Witness below :

Dude, it's spelled "stake" when it's a sharpened piece o' wood. If you spell it "Steak" you're claiming Jesus died chokin' on meat - not the most glamourous way for the 'messiah' to go down huh ?
...but then again I supposed you're claiming he was a vampire or something ?

You guys are fucked up... More toons with witness bashing please haha =]

That was so funny!

I didn't even notice the Jehova i was laughing so much.....It's a cartoon for christ's sake, why the debate?