Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"


Haha this was always a great sereis to watch suprised I have not reviewed this one but its fun going through it once again, the animation is still pretty good for it being dated, nice work here indeed.

Cant improve on something so great lol


I loved that pizza joke at the beginning. I knew you'd show the guy get beat up. You're a critic of religion! I've studied you! Anyway, the animation really does hold up well. I especially love Blackie's voice.

It's so cute! Well, as cute as an assassin who will chop you up can be. I hate the Spice Girls! "Spice World" was horrendous! I like the Roman numeral numbering.

For something almost 17 years old it still is better than 50% of the stuff submitted here.

Starting to get pretty crazy. :) Voice acting and animation really smoothening up too. Great ep.


lame doesn start out
make all french episodes have a remake... tryy beter next time