Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"

Each episode gets better.

Little by little, these episodes are improving. The graphics are still pretty decent, but the episodes are getting a bit longer, and the humor and violence are getting better and more frequent. That and making fun of pokemon in the way you did is an interesting and funny twist on it.

The point where the series gets good

Finally this series has got good(I knew it was coming, I just wasn't sure how long it would take), instead of having a boring stereotypical storyline, you had a good one along with lots of funny jokes and I liked it. The only problem with it was the sound quality of the voices, as they were just really badly done, this time though you could make out what was being said fine, apart from at a few moments where the voices suddenly changed for the worse and became pretty difficult to understand. Anyway, well done, good job, keep up the good work.

Peace out, Afro Stud



My favorite part is when they argued about the decapitation of Scary Spice.

much better, this is the start of the good ones.

Better all around and don't worry you didn't offend cause im a christian and id of still beat up the guy, i can tell the seris goes from average to guid at this point.


That is the Best Episode yet,,,, I could understand the Voices better,, and Humor was Much better,,