Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"


One of the first Miss Dynamite episodes that I saw and I can honestly say that it still good up to this day. The humor and everything ahsn't changed one bit which is great. I love Miss Dynamite!

S'good miss dynamite

Ding Dong blam, punch kick, bang bang, mine no mine,
What will Happend next?
Dude this is awsome, good work and keep it up!

fuck that pizza guy!!

lol!! good shit!! beat the shit out o the anoying religious guy...


That was good, the pizza-guy was funny. I don't care what your charter of rights says that Jehovah's witness guy getting beaten up was AWESOME! The part with Sugar was kinda lame, but was evened out by the 'ninja-razor card' part. Lol 'I stole those from the kid down the street!'.

This series keeps getting better and better

Great movie, a must see. Two thumbs up.