Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"

That was so funny!

I didn't even notice the Jehova i was laughing so much.....It's a cartoon for christ's sake, why the debate?


as I said in my title

I know it's a bad idea to put fuel on a fire like this but go to hell SuperflySamurai

's pretty good =]

Liked it a whole bunch.

- To the Jehova's Witness below :

Dude, it's spelled "stake" when it's a sharpened piece o' wood. If you spell it "Steak" you're claiming Jesus died chokin' on meat - not the most glamourous way for the 'messiah' to go down huh ?
...but then again I supposed you're claiming he was a vampire or something ?

You guys are fucked up... More toons with witness bashing please haha =]

to the pizza boy

yes,yes i did think that would happen you m@!#%r f&*@$r ;)

I love comeing back to these to remember.

And the dynamite series is still as funny as it was when it came out. and to the guy below me just because they mess up on a few details of your religion dont give them a zero, and how does one die on a steak? i can think of ways but they are not pretty.