Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"


it was all GOOD.
make 100 them stop thats how good they are,
if i knew the writer id probally pay him to do some for me and id show my flat mates.
Ridewidmeg irlz@yahoo.co.uk

Hell yes man, the whole series kicks ass.

nice job, man, keep em' comin.

now that was better

especially the johovah beating, that son of a bitch opened the door all by himself!

kill_your_friend or wateva,your a dick head!!

this mutha'fucker kill_your_friend or wateva has a fuckin problem wit japenese cartoonz,i seen this mutha'fucker reviewin all tha dynamite movies an sed tha same thin'.look here fool,was da point of viewin every toon an givin tha same scroe are u fuckin sad.its lik me sittin through a hole series of friends then sayin is shit then watchin anotha series.bitch please u like them,u jus hatin japense manga...beta than y'all cartoonz i tell yo punk ass dat


That was great but it should have shown at leist 2 midgets!