Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite IX"

amazen man

another cool movis keep it up(soz bout da short review but tis 1 am n ive got school in da morn)

good job

haha good job and yea the spice girls are scary man!! @_o;

Yeah, Scary Spice is creepy!!!

This is not the first Miss Dynamite episode that I saw; the first one I saw was the one "Blackie's Fake Dating Sim", but that is not relevant. I did enjoy this one, but seeing the latest one first kinda makes this one less special. Oh well. I thought it was funny! Good job, Sirkowski! ^ ^


Jehovas witness suck they come to your house when u try to play hookie thank u 4 puttin them in their place. The flash was great i applaud u.

Not to sound contraversial and all but...

Johavas Witness is a sucky religion. You can't celebrate birthdays or Christmas and you can barely participate in easter. What a way to opp that guy to. And Where the fuck did scary spice come from? I think they should kill her with a pokemon card.