Reviews for "Edible Castle #8"

this is the jingul jangul

man that david has a big head
''i'll show you my ass''
cant wait for the next mate


This is one of your funniest one's. It's nicely animated as the others ones. I loved when they interrupted them, (a box of slaves xD.) and the Darth Vader mask. HIlarious.

Good job.

Cash moves everything around me

One of the greatest qualities to this series is the consistent humor and the amazing voice acting. It's pretty cool how you guys use your own voices for every sound effect, it really gives it it's own personal touch. The animation is smooth and crisp, and I can't wait to see whats in store for number 10.

before he said sock i thought he might say

well c**k...but great movie and im glad i didnt see troll shlong


"i'll show you my sock (kick)"
"aaaaah! (thud)"
i loved it, laughed all the time =D