Reviews for "Edible Castle #8"

I believe you owe me a bushel of slaves.

I like how you finally gave Sir David a role in the series, I was wondering who he was. The troll's rhyme was pretty clever, I'm sure everyone was not thinking that he would say "sock". The side plot with the Wizard sounds pretty interesting, I am looking forward to a whole episode dedicated to him. Keep up the great work, and bring back some chocolate, I'm having a fat day.




Bridge over Troubled Water Lake. That's genius. I laughed for days.

I love this series by the way, it's always quirky and funny. Awesome job.


haha I loved how they kept making noise.
Enjoyed the talking at the end by the king.


Alright, yo, you've done it. I like the series, and I have decently high standards! Well, I'm glad it's so good, you should make a huge one with all of them in one, so what if the size would be high? It would be more famous and worth it!