Reviews for "Edible Castle #8"

Cash moves everything around me

One of the greatest qualities to this series is the consistent humor and the amazing voice acting. It's pretty cool how you guys use your own voices for every sound effect, it really gives it it's own personal touch. The animation is smooth and crisp, and I can't wait to see whats in store for number 10.


Lol!! I really like this steady pace of flashes!! Not to mention the outragously funny cartoons!!
Please continue this streak and maybe you'll get king of the portal!!


Omg..u rly are fast:P gj:)

EdibleCastle responds:

that's what all the girls say ):


Awesome as always!!! Great series! I can't stop laughing! (I think I pooped my self!)
The ending was killer!
By the way, I can't wait till the 10th episode! If it's as good as you said, then it's should be the highlight of the series! And I really hope that wouldn't be the end of the series...

keep um comin

nice work again, if you keep making um ill keep watchin um, i sent you a pm asking if you want to work together in the future, im not quite sure yet what, but if you ever wanted to do a collab or something, im just a pm away.