Reviews for "Orbitrunner"


It's a bit of a challenge, but the idea and the realization are superb!
Very unique, kudos to you!

Damn great!

Awesome. Simply awesome. Loved the graphics, the riginal gameplay, the idea. Dunno about sound becaus i don't have speakers, but i guess it's great, just like everything else. Bad things: it's too hard! The physics are great, but its too hard to handle an oncomnig planet with TWO moons! Anyways, its great.


Exceptionally good game. A great idea and a fantastic delivery. The music is ace, but can get a little tiresome, so perhaps a few loops instead of the single one is a good idea? Constantly exploding planets got irritating too, so an option to mute sfx would be appreciated. Other than that - top marks all around.

Oh, and games are far too easy these days - keep the difficulty as it is.


It seems I'm a lousy sun. All my planets crashed or got out of bonds. I couldn't even pass the tutorial. (By getting out of "skips") But hey: I'm the frickin' sun, the king of the system, so why do I have to care about some lousy planets!!!

But nevertheless: Great game, challanging gameplay and nice idea. Liked it.

Clue for improvement: Make a Completely-N00b-Mode, so I can beat it. THX! ;P


Awesome game, I had a real ball with this. Kudos to ya ;)

And, woo-hoo! Ranked 16th in the top 100! Heh...

Anyhoo, love this game. Lets see some more of this.