Reviews for "Orbitrunner"

this is shit

Gravitational pull suked balls Way too hard. and you should Make it so people can actually finish level 2.

CPU hog

Interesting game, good graphics and its really different from other gravity games. Could see some improvements like the people before me have mentioned. I would also suggest optimizing your code. this games make my CPU peak to full load when it is playing, and I don't have a crappy computer. (2.4GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 8800GTS 512MB GPU) overall it is a wonderful game, just some minor bugs that need to be worked out.

Alittle unfair in some areas

At the beggining i really liked the game but that slowly died off.....
One of the things that i first noticed was that sometimes you can make half or almost all of a planet go off screen before yu are penalized but quickly even if it touches the edge it ends. I can understand limits but you need to put a little lee way. I liked the ability to skip 5 levels that was much easier in some areas. But some things were too eratic to predict and it would chrash a second before the tmer would end. Good game though and it would be good to see more.

Yo. cool,

Hey, fun game, but hard as crap! 14th level with over 200 faults! Maybe next time or something a larger field would be nice, especially with the gental goants level! Although I'm very sure that is exactly how you wanted it XD! I will say that the lighting was pretty cool and the graphics were great. Its the little things that count, eh?


very challenging, but thats what makes it fun. who wants a super easy game?
very addictive..keep up the good work 10/10