Reviews for "Orbitrunner"

ok concept...

... But the player doesn't really have much control. It feels very much like a hit-and-miss kind of game and more about luck than skill.

I did, however, spend half an hour with it so it's not all bad


"Make it so people can actually finish level 2."


FAIL: You don't have to move in that level, nor in the third one.


cant get past lvl 13, not going to try to hard. fun game, but it is just a little to hard. maybe if the planets didnt move so fast and the suns influence wasnt so intense. this could be a great game. still fun none the less.


The concept sounded very cool and interesting... but then I actually started playing it. The problem is that you don't really know what the gravitational pull for each planet is, and if you move the sun even the slightest bit, everything goes to shit. This is a trial-and-error game, which I find annoying.

cool game

a little bit too hard for me tho