Reviews for "Orbitrunner"

i wuld say exelent

i see u had made a really hard game these assholes are saying but i really liked the game and has a person said here (wich isnt asshole) gravity is very delicate good job


As almost every other person has said

It's very very difficult I managed to get to 15 before using skips but with 132 faults. It's fun and well thought out but maybe put some different difficulty settings so people can wet their feet first with an easy mode.


Is quite difficult, but still a very good game.

For some reason I seem to love the games that are based on real-life aspects.
This is no exception.


this sucks badly make it easier and less levles also a sand box mode would be cool but beacause this is so lame im not wasting anymore time on saying how lame this is.


i got to level 12 b4 giving up