Reviews for "Orbitrunner"


either I'm a pixel too close an planets colide or I'm a pixel too far and the planet shoots into the cosmos. Either put somting to predict a short term orbit like, like how you have the lines telling how they will launch, but have those lines bend so that atleast you arented spending half of your time trying to find how to start. it would also help if your gravity wasnt so bipolar and chnaged every time you restart a level.

Sorry but ...

Man, this game are freaking hard but is interesting so i give you 6/10

To Hard

To Hard and boring, sorry dude.

good game, good physics

while it is really difficult, the gravity and speed of the planets/moons is very well done. the orbit paths are a nice touch.


I really liked the patterns the planets made when they moved but some levels are a little difficult..