Reviews for "Orbitrunner"


too damn difficult. this would be suuuuch a winner, though, if you didn't have to be an actual astrophysicist to be able to control it.


To the point of frustration. The amount of control required is far, far too precise for a casual game. Much of it seems to be either tweaking of a single pixel, or entirely chance.
Either way, the cool concept, stylish tracers, and spacey music call for a 4 out of 10.

review for: Orbitrunner

too hard

Level editor

I think this is a good game, fun and innovative. It also runs smoothly and the trails are a nice feature.
However, since the 31 levels are quickly played through, I think this could use a level editor or a feature to edit the original levels, for example change the time or the speed of the planets (after you have beat the level, of course).

too fast

i love the gravity concept in this game. but sadly, the game runs waaay too fast.