Reviews for "Edible Castle #7"


that was funny. but.....................what does being "IT" mean? oh and by the way....*throws flower* your IT


This one is, like, my favorite!

One of the best plots I've seen.

I kick myself for not thinking of creating this series. It's such a simple idea, but the humor really packs a punch. Anyway, the deer guy was pretty funny. The way he laughed was so odd, but it was a nice addition. I kinda saw the ending coming, but I thought it was clever how King shot him, making him "it" forever. What was with Wizard at the end? I hope he is in the next episode! Keep up the great work!


That deer was WEIRD! I should rate this a bakers dozen but i cant, nor do i want to rate it the OTHER bakers dozen so will 10 do? I think so... i thiiiiink sooooo.


Stupid deer...he talked funny too. CRAZY man...crazy.