Reviews for "Edible Castle #7"


"and yoyr dying for a crumpet"
this is the best in thje series!!

you are it hahahaha

thats the game touch the flower and you are it last one to touch the flower is it get someone else to touch the flower and they are it hahahahaha whoosh o god D*mnit

You are it!

Well that´s just great!

Florist Pete in The Deer Hunter

The artwork and animation are superb, the voice acting and sound is masterful. The story makes a bit more sense, but verges on the edge of insanity. King Pete is just as wacky as ever, but this deer is fucked up in the head something fierce. All in all this story may be weird, but it's funny as hell. Kudos to you!

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Voice
*Masterful Story
*Outstandingly Hilarious!
*Perfect Score

|| Bad Points ||


He shoot the deer in the face. Take that.