Reviews for "Edible Castle #7"

I'm starting to feel that the King's a pretty bad guy. Aww, I never executed anyone. Well, you could argue he executed a deer here. I like deer. As usual, his voice was hilarious. I wasn't paying attention to the wizard.

This actually seemed to have more of a story than usual. That works pretty well. I did kind of miss the other characters. The king is pretty close to being the main character. There's not much continuity.

jingle jangle lol

i love it i also like ser davis and the wiserd


"OH GOD DAMMIT" shwoo boiiing, HA tis was Funny to da max

Sorry, not my kind of stuff

Good and clear graphics with some ambitious voice-overs,
but this isn't my kind of humour. Seems sometimes a bit too ambitious,
and keeps me off laughing.
Maybe it's just me, but I've seen funnier things.