Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"

Fascinatingly beautiful

Absolute masterpiece. No dialogue, not much of a plot, but everything flowed so evenly that the viewer is lost in the world you've created. Color scheme of red and black has been overused, but the contrasting blue night made it necessary and appropriate. The animation was excellent, especially the scenery. The sun peaking out from behind the clouds was as equally enthralling as its setting, with shadows stretching out and then receding from whence they came. The brief intermission of the dream and the antenna was interesting, and well animated, but didn't seem to have anything to do with the story. But since dreams are often random, I think it worked very well.

Using such little changes and actions, you've created quite a titan of an animation. Congratulations, and I hope to see more from you soon! 9/10 5/5


The animation was amazing and the sound was beautiful. Correct me if I am wrong, but a lot of people have been saying that it was sunrise, which I think is incorrect. The sun is actually setting, it comes from behind the black clouds and then sets.

Not sure if there is a story or a meaning for the black clouds blocking the sun, but it affected me nevertheless. Great work.


to DJ-Ookami and Maxwelldoggums, i loved the lightening. i know depending on the medium used it can be SUPREMELY time consuming to do shadows and even more so to have them accurately reflect angles, length to angle, vertexto light and shadow... blah blah. so to see it so well done in almost EVERY SCENE truely reflects, even if not raw telent, then passion to making your flash look great.
i think this is only the third 10/10 i've ever given.
earned 'en force.

awesomely bizarre!

that was very very intresting


i am really impressed, just for a week and rushed that is really good, i like how detailed it is. and the movement around the satellite, the shadows were really good, i mean just for a week thats really good. i would like to see what you can do with more time on your hands, keep up the good work, and would most definitely like to see more!!