Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"

So atmospheric

Everything about this was just so atmospheric, it's almost as though it was designed to relax you, and yet keep you entranced.

The graphics was awesome, and the sounds were incredibly relevant to the Flash.
I can't wait to see more Flashes from you.


As usual, with your flash work, Celarent. The story was nice, and the animation expressed it quite well.


haven't seen anything that stunning in a while, keep up the excellent work.

Absolutly phenominal.

That was some really breathtaking artwork. I really loved the ambience of it, although I didn't quite understand what was going on. But, I never understand these damned animations that trys to convey a message. However, it didn't matter much to me because those visuals were just so incredible! Not many cons to this piece, but there are a TON more good things that could be said.

BTW, the music fit in really well.


Wow, August 7, 2008 must have been an insane day for good submissions on Newgrounds if this only achieved Daily 4th Place. Your works just ooze with style and are so ambient and atmospheric. I love mood pieces and you seem to be an expert at them. Your ability to use Flash is amazing. The fact that you didn't use any 3D programs in this and found a way to do the effects that you did with this is astounding. The fact that it only took you a week and was "rushed" is even more amazing. Congrats.